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Battle of Agincourt
England Side

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I am King Henry V. I wanted to be the dominant power of

France, as my grandfather Edward III had done. The main

reasons for this were as follows:
-I was a new king, nothing could strengthen my authority like a successful conquest.
-Our economy could be strengthened.
-France had emerged from a new civil war. We guessed that it wouldn't be difficult for us to beat them.
-I had the right over France!
At first I told France that I wanted the borders of the Angevin Empire. This; They were large borders covering lands such as Paris, Gascony, Brittany and Normandy. I recruited our soldiers from people who were trained for this, just as my ancestors did. We crossed the sea and set off. Our journey from Southampton ended in Harfleur. We also captured a port there. This was not as fast as we would have liked. We decided to go to Calais after 28 days. This was British and my soldiers needed food. However, the French met me in the area called Agincourt, and the war had begun.


Our approximately 9000 men (almost 7200 archers) and the French's approximately 20,000 soldiers would fight. We got our alignment. This place has an oceanic climate, it rains a lot. It rained. And Agincourt has turned completely into mud. Unlike us, the French soldiers were coming at us with nobles rather than soldiers. Our archers were shooting the horsemen as they came, and the soldiers who fell off their horses were easy prey. After a while, the French nobles thought about the value of their lives and left this place. After the war, the French accepted what I initially wanted.

Writer: Hüseyin Emre Eken

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