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Battle of Agincourt
France Side

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I am French Marshal Charles'D Albert. Our country was a

deep-rooted country that had its share of civil war. Our

King (bless him) was an honorable man who swore that he would pull his country out of the pit it fell into when he recovered from the war. But it wouldn't matter when the stupid British attacked us! I don't know what we were going to do, the pope and the Burgundy family on one side and England on the other...


The French would either fight with all their might or be destroyed forever! As we approached Azincourt we noticed Henry there. We immediately jumped on it! Our aim was to hold them for as long as possible and then pass over the hungry British as if it was nothing. Then we decided that this would not be possible and attacked. However, since our soldiers were not really soldiers, they thought for their lives and ran away. Considering the weather, today was a definite defeat for us.
After the Treaty of Troyes in 1420, we accepted that Henry's family was the French dynasty. But it wouldn't stay that way forever. We, the patriotic French, would surely defeat the British one day!

Writer: Hüseyin Emre Eken

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