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German Side of the Battle of Verdun

I am Crown Prince Wilhelm of Prussia. War

Even though it seemed easy to us at first, we went to Paris.

As we approached, we realized that the war would not be that easy. It was 1914 when the war started, and we planned that the war would be over before the end of the year. Now the year is 1916... We could not achieve the success we wanted. Yes, we seem to be winning the war, but this will not continue forever. Verdun was the turning point for us. We can no longer kill those simple and frail Frenchmen with random gas attacks. Verdun is the beginning of this, it is a wound stuck in our hearts. Although the forces with which we fought this war were close, our casualties were less than the French. The German Army, which is stronger, more patriotic and technologically advanced than the French, will only have difficulty in this battle and will of course leave the World War with victory. 
While we think about these, unfortunately, the situation is actually very dire. The British have already been preventing us from buying our products for a long time. The war was hitting the German people, the holy German people, more than its army. Although we should have been hopeful for our situation. The situation of the Russians was much worse than ours. However, as a result, the war was not a situation to be hopeful about. The fight we used to fight to own Africa in the streets of Paris is now just to survive...

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Author: Hüseyin Emre Eken

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