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Battle of Manzikert Seljuk Side

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I, myself, Alparslan; considering the circumstances

upon Byzantium when

We weren't going to walk. However, Diogenes and the Jackal Tekfurs marched to Manzikert with a number of soldiers of around 200,000 while we were dealing with the Fatimids in the south. They captured our castle there in a short time. In response, I set out with my own Turkish soldiers. I made the soldiers count. We were no more than 50000. While crossing the Euphrates, more people than we can count were martyred. They were all strong figures who could destroy the Byzantine Empire with a single fist, may their souls rest in peace! My deputy commander came to me and said that a considerable number of the army had drowned in the river, then I thought to myself and said:
"If we get out of here, we will either come out with victory or death!"

The Byzantine commander Diogenes also came to us. We tried to make peace because of our first ambassadors. Diogenes was arrogant, so he succumbed to his arrogance and decided to attack us. This was the first mistake he made. When our ambassadors came to us with the news of definite war, we took a war stance. I saw two mountains parallel to each other around us. I placed some of my soldiers under the command of the viziers in the safe area covered by these two mountains facing them. I gave my speech to my soldiers:
"Oh my soldiers! There is no servant here today who takes orders or a Sultan who gives orders! We are all soldiers here today!" So I put on my shroud and was ready for war.
The war started, we attacked first. We advanced through the valley among the mountains and started mass fire. We drew our swords and entered the Greek infantry line. They started chasing us with their stronger but slower horsemen. Their armor was heavy. As we were about to leave the valley, I had the trumpets blown. The surrounding armies, on the other hand, attacked the Romans, who had lost their correct connections, from behind. The Byzantine soldiers, who did not expect this attack, quickly dispersed, and those who spoke Turkish began to leave the Byzantine side and join the Seljuk side. After a while, the Emperor, who was surrounded only by his own guards, brought me as a prisoner. That's when I declared our day as victory. Islam was preserved.

Writer: Hüseyin Emre Eken

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