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Conquest of Istanbul
Objective Expression

A relentless struggle from both sides.

On one side, the one that doesn't fit inside, on the other side

The struggle of two states that have been weakened by wars and raids for a long time. Nomads from Central Asia defeated the great Romans; Its wonderful ending is the subject of poems, novels and stories. The Ottoman economy was strengthened with the conquest of the city, scientists escaping from the city started the renaissance in Europe, and this conquest brought both enlightenment and war in Europe. Officially, like a kind of shock wave, first the nations that were close to it, such as Wallachia, Venice, Hungary, Mamluks and Genoese; Later, it even influenced the Iberians. This conquest was one of the turning points in European history and affected the whole world. The important points of Eastern civilization have almost been erased and shifted to Istanbul. Eastern civilization's Tehran, Rey, Baghdad, Cairo, Mecca etc. cities lost their importance and Istanbul; It became the prominent city of the east. This victory is a perfect example of the decline of one nation and the birth of another. The Greeks, on the other hand, will take out their anger on the Ottomans.

Author: Hüseyin Emre Eken

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