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Conquest of Istanbul
Ottoman Side

I am Sultan Mehmed II. my country is long

time, compared to other times,

It was in a peaceful time. I set my sights on our first target for a long time, Constantinople. I took out my map and looked at my city. It's early now, but I've already decided. This was my city now. I looked and said to myself: "O Constantinople, either you will take me or I will take you!". I explained to Constantine the First that his duty as Emperor was over and that he would either accept or die and give his city to me. He rejected me, saying he trusted the walls. So I decided to go on an expedition. Before I do these, let me tell you what I did! I designed my giant balls myself. At the same time, our first mortar was ours. At the same time, I restrained myself economically and came to the conclusion that we were ready for the Conquest of the City of Kostanti.
With God's permission, on April 6, 1453, I set out for Constantinople with the Ottoman army. This city was a city that was heralded by our Prophet and that Muslims had their eye on for centuries. Conquering this city was a great honor and blessing for both our religion and our state. Our Prophet (pbuh) said, "What a wonderful commander the commander who conquered this city is, what a wonderful army that army is." When we arrived at the city, we surrounded it from land and sea. Byzantine emperor Constantine strengthened the walls of the city and communicated with Christian states in Europe to get help to the city. But we did not remain idle. We had the Rumeli Fortress built to take control of the Bosphorus. We placed our artillery units at the weakest points of the walls. We also moved our ships by land to get them into the Golden Horn from the sea. Thus, we prevented Byzantium from receiving help from the sea. During the 53-day siege, Byzantine resistance was unbroken. We also fought with patience and determination. Finally, on May 29, 1453, after the morning prayer, I gave the final attack order. 

Fatih-Sultan-Mehmet-takes-a-ship-from-land-in-1453 (2).jpeg

My soldiers charged the walls with shouts of Allah. At one point, a breach opened in the walls. My soldiers entered from there and opened the gates of the city. Thus, the city became completely ours. When I entered the city, the first thing I did was go to Hagia Sophia. I turned this magnificent temple into a mosque. I raised my standard on the altar. I shot an arrow at the dome. I recited the adhan myself. I performed the prostration of gratitude. I prayed two rakats. Then, I addressed the people of the city. I told them that their lives, property, religion and honor would not be touched, that they were now our subjects and that they would be governed fairly. I also protected the city's churches and monasteries. The conquest of Constantinople was a great victory for both the Ottoman Empire and the Islamic world. It was certain that this city would remain Muslim forever and would eventually be captured. Thank God, this victory was granted to me. With this victory, we became the Eastern Roman Empire. We closed an era and opened a new era. We made Constantinople our new capital. We brought our civilization, art and culture to this city. This city was now our city. This city was now Constantinople. 

Author: Hüseyin Emre Eken

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