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Map of Piri Reis

"Piri Reis Map" is a world map drawn in 1513 by Piri Reis, the famous sailor and cartographer of the Ottoman Empire. This map draws attention with its detailed depiction of the eastern coast of South America and the Atlantic Ocean. Here is detailed information about Piri Reis Map:

Drawing and Purpose of the Map:

Piri Reis Map was created by bringing together Piri Reis' own maritime experiences, the works of other cartographers and the geographical information of his period. The purpose of drawing the map was to increase the naval power of the Ottoman Empire, facilitate navigation for sailors, and generally update geographical information.

Details and Features:

  1. South America Details: Piri Reis Map is famous for showing the east coast of South America before and accurately than other maps. The coasts of Brazil, the Amazon River delta and other details present details unknown before the European discoveries of that period.

  2. Atlantic Ocean and Other Seas: The map covers a wide geography, including the Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean, the coast of West Africa and the west coast of Europe. By showing the seas and coastlines in detail, it provides sailors with important information for safe navigation.

  3. Geographic Information: Piri Reis Map shows coastlines, rivers, mountains and other geographical features. In addition, many place names on the map contain information and local names from that period.


This image has nothing to do with reality. Prepared for this site. The actual map image has not been added due to copyright reasons.

Importance of the Map and Discussions:

  1. Pre-Columbian America: The map is one of the rare artifacts depicting the east coast of America before Christopher Columbus. This feature of the map has aroused great interest among historians and geographical exploration enthusiasts.

  2. Detailed Research: Piri Reis Map is examined by many researchers, historians and map experts even today. There has been much debate and research on the sources used in drawing the map, the accuracy of the details, and the depiction of South America.

  3. The map is hiddenThere are rumors that there are pieces of   However, there is currently no information about these parts. 

The Future of the Map:

Piri Reis Map is considered an important turning point in the history of geographical information. However, there are also debates about some details and accuracy on the map. Future technological developments and research may help us better understand the unknown aspects of the Piri Reis Map.

As a result, the Piri Reis Map is considered an important work in the history of geographical discoveries and has made a great contribution to maritime history. The map continues to be remembered as a masterpiece that brings together Piri Reis' knowledge, maritime experience and geographical knowledge of the period.

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Written by: Adil Sevim

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